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Adinkra Traditional Block Printing

“Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world”. Nelson Mandela Traditional block printing of the Asante people of Ghana.

The Journey of Chocolate – From Farm to Mouth

An experience of the journey made by chocolate told in images of cocoa farm. Supported by real cocoa pods, cocoa beans, cocoa powder and chocolate…

‘Oware’ Traditional Table-Top Game

A competitive table top game of Ghana People (The game of Kings) that tests participants’ counting abilities. It requires a strategy to outwit the opponent.…

​Traditional Storytelling – With a Twist

Traditional storytelling session of Asante people in which participants have the chance to wear exotic African wear. This interactive storytelling gives room for participants to…

Song and Dance – Traditional and Popular

Traditional dance of Ghana people dating back to the 1880’s in which participants have the chance to wear exotic African costume. Participants experience the sound…

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Agnes Fough “You know what I know because I have shown you.  It is your turn to pass it on”.    Hannah Amma Odeh My mother’s words continuously echo in my ears. I am originally from Ghana but have been

"What a brilliant evening we all had. Thank you so much for all the preparation and the very interesting talk. I think it's fantastic that you have kept all your Ghanaian traditions and sharing them makes our lives richer". Pat Hall